Affordable Addiction Treatment Jacksonville offers a personalized and custom-designed treatment program to help our patients withdraw from cocaine and other stimulants, and successfully live life without them.

We use a medically-supervised approach integrating the most up-to-date pharmacologic approaches with psychotherapy, nutritional interventions, and other integrative approaches to achieve the best functional outcome.

Prescription amphetamines, such as Adderall, Vyvanse and Ritalin, have many of the same problems associated with the more-stigmatized drug methamphetamine.

While most people who use methamphetamine started in a social or non-medical setting, many users of prescription stimulants started with a legitimate prescription from a doctor.

Whether a person is suffering from dependency on a prescribed medication that is having adverse effects, or addicted to an illegal stimulant like methamphetamine, many of the same treatment principles apply. Humanistic and evidence-based treatment combining thorough medical care, psychopharmacology and expert psychotherapy, in addition to lifestyle change and improvement, is the most effective strategy.

Symptoms that often manifest in regular amphetamine or methamphetamine users often include some combination of:

Occupational and economic: Impaired academic or work functioning, economic problems caused by squandering money or drug-related unemployment, difficulty working with others.
Antagonism: Anger, grandiosity and paranoia.
Disinhibition: Impulsivity, excessive risk taking and risky behaviors, hyperactivity, distractability, and irresponsibility.
Cognitive Problems: Impaired reasoning and judgment, restricted repeated behaviors, confusion, and unusual beliefs.
Negative emotions: Depression and anxiety.
Physical problems: Insomnia, weight loss, chronic fatigue, seizures, heart attack, hemorrhagic stroke. Long term amphetamine use is associated with a reduced life expectancy.

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