Alcohol use disorders, also sometimes referred to as alcoholism or alcohol dependence, can be one of the most challenging addictions to treat. Alcohol is a drug that is so prevalent and yet so socially acceptable in our society, its abuse can be hard to identify – in ourselves or in our loved ones.

We will work with you to take an integrative approach to treatment including at-home detox and medication assisted treatment, coupled with expert psychotherapy and integrative care. If you are concerned for a loved one we also can help arrange a consultation to determine the best way to move forward.

Our standard process includes:

  • Comprehensive medical, psychological and addiction evaluation by our expert team;
  • Individualized pharmacology and treatment plans customized to the patient’s unique situation;
  • A discreet and private office in the heart of Jacksonville
  • Integration of treatment services to produce superior results;
  • Assistance negotiating serious family, employment, regulatory and legal situations;
  • A focus of maintaining and improving the ability to function in life during treatment.

With proper medically-assisted behavioral treatment, patients experience:

  • A stable state of mind, free from alcohol-induced highs and lows;
  • Freedom from thinking about or craving alcohol;
  • Ability to focus on lifestyle changes to restore health and life functioning;
  • Support to explore the underlying causes of their alcohol use problem;
  • A focus on life purpose and achieving goals.

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